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Case Study: Simplifying Data Collection during a Trade Show to Drive Cosmetic Skin Test Panelist Growth


To expand the panelist base for cosmetic skin tests through participation in a trade show. The company aimed to streamline data collection, enhance attendee engagement, and establish a strong follow-up mechanism.



Previous data collection involved manual forms, leading to handwriting deciphering and time-consuming database entry. Participation in the trade show posed challenges due to limited booth staff, necessitating an attention-grabbing solution for data collection and relationship building.



eTourMe introduced an innovative engagement passport strategy with three primary goals:


  • Collect Attendee Information: Create a contact list by offering engaging incentives.

  • Drive Foot Traffic: Direct attendees to the physical lab to increase conversion rates.

  • Nurture Relationships: Establish ongoing communication with prospects.



Data collection was revamped through a digital Scratch & Win mechanism with two capture instances and three prizes. The approach involved:


First Instance:

Attendees won an SPF bracelet, fostering immediate engagement. This item was previously distributed for free without data exchange.

Second Instance:

To claim the second prize, which included a skin type consultation and personalized SPF recommendation, participants entered details like age and race. This step qualified leads and motivated attendees to visit the lab for the skin test.



After playing at the trade show, participants received an email containing company information and serving as an entry to a grand prize raffle.



  • Streamlined Data Collection:

    The engagement passport simplified data gathering, making it enjoyable for attendees.

  • Lab Services Showcase:

    The strategy highlighted services offered at the lab.

  • Lead Generation Funnel:

    A structured approach to lead nurturing and conversion was established.

  • Increased Booth Traffic:

    The engagement passport attracted more booth visitors compared to neighboring vendors.

  • Shift in Perception:

    Instead of seeking lab visits, attendees saw a unique opportunity for a complimentary consultation.

  • Education:

    Attendees gained insights into skincare practices.



Implementing the engagement passport transformed the trade show participation for Eurofins. It introduced an effective way to collect data, engage attendees, and foster relationships. The strategy not only simplified data collection but also showcased lab services and educated attendees. The case study demonstrates how innovative approaches can significantly enhance visibility, reputation, and business growth.



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