Restaurant Week Reimagined:

Restaurant Week Reimagined:

From Easy Directory Builder to Local Guide Venture

From Easy Directory Builder to Local Guide Venture


How to Easily Craft a Sleek Restaurant Guide and Monetize It.

Organizing a Restaurant Week can inject new vitality into the local culinary landscape, fostering a vibrant celebration of dining culture. However, ensuring its success entails careful attention to numerous critical tasks. Among these, effectively articulating the benefits of participation and crafting compelling marketing materials, such as participant directories, stand out as pivotal steps.


Unfortunately, many organizers grapple with webpages that present directories as little more than unwieldy collections of hyperlinks. These directories not only prove cumbersome to create but also fall short in connecting consumers with participating establishments. Moreover, some lack visual appeal and fail to serve a truly useful function. In the digital age, user experience matters much more than you might think, because the journey of physical action, such as visiting a restaurant, starts online. As the goal of every Restaurant Week is a successful outcome, the participants' guide plays an important role in igniting and driving foot traffic.




a game-changer at the fingertips of consumers. This all-in-one solution is poised not only to streamline directory creation for Restaurant Week but also to function as a versatile mobile marketing tool that seamlessly integrates into any website. With FoodiePass, you can effortlessly combine restaurant and event-specific details with polished design while also serving as an effective data capture platform for each restaurant's prospects. It stimulates in-person traffic and monitors on-site redemptions, money spent, and other analytics, all originating from a smartphone or website without the need for downloads.



Yet, the potential of FoodiePass extends far beyond event facilitation. Imagine elevating Restaurant Week into a thriving local

foodie guide subscription business

. Whether you're a nonprofit organization, an event planning enterprise, or anything in between, leveraging mobile technology and payment services integration to curate deals, discounts, and rewards from a network of local culinary hotspots can drive year-round foot traffic and revenue generation.


This step-by-step guide outlines the essential tasks necessary to transform your Restaurant Week event into a profitable local foodie guide business using our innovative FoodiePass concept

all without upfront costs.



The Step-by-Step Guide to Paid Subscriptions


  • Gather Participants:

    Start by compiling a list of local restaurants in your area and inviting them to be part of your Local Foodie Guide. Include key details such as cuisine, location, contact information, hours of operation, and menu highlights. Participants from Restaurant Week can streamline the process. Alternatively, if you are part of a group of restaurants seeking to promote yourself, you can follow the same steps to create your own Local Foodie Passbook.

  • Negotiate Exclusive Monthly Perks:

    Negotiate exclusive monthly perks with participating restaurants to incentivize subscription sign-ups. Offer restaurants the opportunity to showcase their unique offerings to a targeted audience of subscribers at no cost in exchange for providing exclusive deals and experiences.

  • Curate Exclusive Experiences:

    Work closely with participating restaurants to curate exclusive dining experiences for subscribers. These experiences could include chef's table dinners, wine tastings, cooking classes, and themed events available only to subscribers.

  • Craft Mobile Foodie Passes for Each Restaurant:

    Gather information and photos of each restaurant to create mobile foodie passes highlighting their unique offerings and any special promotions or events.

  • Provide Additional Features:

    Expand your mobile passes to offer additional features that enhance the user experience. This could include interactive maps, links to reservation booking functionality, and Google Reviews.

  • Launch Your Local Foodie Guide:

    Combine individual mobile passes into your Local Foodie Guide. Collaborate with eTourMe to create a user-friendly and visually captivating mobile platform, along with a landing page that serves as the gateway for payments and your directory. This platform will provide seamless access to comprehensive information about each restaurant, serving as the cornerstone of your local restaurant guide.

  • Promote Your Value Proposition:

    Increase the perceived value of your Local Foodie Guide by bringing together all the discounts and perks of your bundle. For example, if each restaurant offers a $10 discount and you have 50 participating restaurants, you can promote it as "Pay $15 and get $500 to spend." Clearly communicate the value proposition of your subscription model to potential subscribers by highlighting the savings, mobile convenience, and exclusive access to curated experiences they will receive as part of their membership.

  • Build on the Network Effect:

    Encourage participating restaurants to share your Local Foodie Guide on their digital channels, expanding the reach for all participants. Partner with influencers or food bloggers to raise awareness and drive traffic to your platform.

  • Collect Information and Data:

    Use your Local Foodie Guide and Mobile Restaurant Passes to grow your list of attendees, track spending, measure redemptions, and monitor results from each participant.

  • Monetize Your Local Foodie Guide:

    Integrate the payment module to implement a monthly subscription model, offering subscribers access to unique experiences and savings, promoting participating restaurants innovatively, and generating recurring income for you.

    Consider these numbers as an example to measure the financial potential of your Local Foodie Guide:

  • Suggested monthly subscription price: $15.
  • Projected restaurants in Year 1: 50.
  • Projected subscribers per month per restaurant in Year 1: 50.
  • Projected active subscribers per month: 2,500.
  • Projected gross revenue in Year 1: $450,000.
  • Projected Gross Revenue in Year 3: $1,100,000


Would you prefer to offer the experience for free to consumers? Alternatively, rather than having consumers pay for a subscription, you could monetize by charging restaurants a fee for advertising within your guidebook and selling upsells for each lead captured in the database.



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Turn Restaurant Week into a Local Foodie Guide Business
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